Student Workshops

Benefits of Student Workshops
Confidence: Taking risks in class and performing in front of an audience instills confidence in students’ ideas and abilities. That confidence applies to nearly every aspect of their future.
Imagination: In the words of technology addiction, theatre is an outlet for making creative decisions, thinking of new ideas and interpreting material in expressive ways that constitute the essence of drama. provide.
Empathy and Tolerance: Taking roles from different situations, times and cultures fosters compassion and tolerance for others.
Cooperation/Collaboration: Theatre brings together the creative ideas and skills of its participants.
Concentration: Playing, practising and performing develops sustained mental, physical and vocal focus that helps in other areas of life such as school.
Communication Skills: Drama improves the verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas. Improve voice projection, intelligibility, fluency and persuasive speech.
Problem Solving: Students learn to tell an audience who, what, where, when and why. Improvisation encourages quick solutions and makes life more adaptable.
Fun: Drama brings play, humour and laughter to learning. This increases motivation and reduces stress.
Confidence: Social interaction and risk-taking in drama foster confidence in self, others, and process.
Social Consciousness: Dramas used in legends, myths, poetry, stories and plays teach students about social issues and conflicts in past and present cultures around the world.
Aesthetic appreciation: Going to the theatre, going to the theatre increases appreciation of the art form.