Children Workshop

Learning is a continuous process. At the early age we develop certain abilities which will stay throughout our life. With the help of our workshop we tend to evoke following

1)Examine creative expression

Children experiment with artistic representation of themselves; they delve deeply into their characters and consider numerous ways to make them come to life.

2) Sparks Creativity and Observation

The games that are done in this class spark a child’s imagination and capacity for observation, enhancing their creativity throughout life.

3)Develop mental faculties

Drama helps children build their cognitive abilities since they must comprehend instructions and retain them later, which helps them to improve their perception, memory, attention, and concentration.

With our workshops we treat every kid specially and we work together with kids to

  • Fosters their confidence
  • Increases focus
  • Enhances communication abilities
  • Alters Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behaviour
  • Enhances Creativity and Self-esteem
  • Encourages kids to work together
  • Makes them feel accomplished